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“Where are you?”

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red mango frozen yogurt

red mango frozen yogurt (Photo credit: RedMangoFrozenYogurt)

Have you ever been ditched, stood-up, left “hanging”, or forgotten? That’s NOT niceeee !!!!

It’s not cool- especially when a dear friend does it. When someone you really know for a long time leaves you hanging, it kinda hurts…a lot more than being ditched by a stranger. It makes me wanna cry and go in a corner and suffer alone in solitude… NOT REALLY!!!  If you are understanding and have some common sense , you would probably guess that they most likely fell asleep-or at least would make that excuse so that they can be let go that easy.

So go grab a beer, a cig, or any form of stress reliever (every individual varies) and SUCK- IT- UP!!!

In my case …frozen yogurt did the trick!!! Remember that whatever reason it was , you still love them at the end of the day and they probably will feel worse than you…that’s if they have any bit of morals.

I want to give special thanks to my friend for leaving me hanging…


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