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Soul Survivor

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Soul Survivor (Young Jeezy song)

Soul Survivor (Young Jeezy song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Survival of the fittest. I was listening to “Soul Survivor,” by Young Jeezy and I couldn’t stop singing. Music, inspires us, inspires me, inspires you. Life is quickly changing and therefore changing us. It’s all about who can do what, who can go where , and who wants to live on forever.

We were not asked to be born, or in what conditions to live in, or what rules to follow… so is everything predestined or just a game of thrones? Every one wants more. Everyone wants better than before.

But why is it all a competition, why can’t we all work together in various unique ways so that everybody contributes in a way? Truth is, there are two groups of people: quitters and soul survivors. Unfortunately time runs quite faster that people realize. Society has developed norms and has drawn a perfect picture of how we should live-yet again not many were born with certain privileges . People then ask themselves , “what  should I do ?.” Don’t ask yourselves what to do, but tell yourselves that whatever you do , you will never give up on yourself .


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