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How poor communication affects business despite the advances in technology

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Regardless of what anyone’s field of study may be, communication is a big asset to have. Without communication, any establishment won’t be able to work properly and would have trouble succeeding. It’s shocking to know that still to this day with all the technology hanging around, people can’t seem to get their points across. What’s the cause of miscommunication today and why aren’t we accepting and trying to avoid these problems?

From personal experience within the restaurant business , I’ve witnessed several issues with communication. Communication within co-workers, management, and even food deliveries have occurred . You would think that communication is vital to a successful business especially a restaurant that depends on dealing with people everyday all day, but somehow it’s forgotten.

Somehow a bit of information is always left unheard or unsaid. Many other employees or customers ask specific questions regarding events, food items, and drink options, and so therefore the business can’t afford miscommunication within the establishment. Issues with communication should be most importantly prevented instead of looking for options of how they can be fixed.

Possible solutions : daily e-mail updates, chain text messages , staff meetings and most importantly respect among each other. Remember everyone contributes in one way or the other despite the role they play.Wiki image


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