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Can’t live with you-and I sure can’t live without you…

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Don’t know why or how it all started ? Don’t know how you fell for him/her?

Despite it all , it’s not fair. What do you do ? You give your life, your time, energy , and most importantly …your heart and soul into someone that you never thought you’d love hate. Why does it have to hurt so deep? Why can’t you just turn off your feelings as easy as 1-2-3 ? To think about them , day and night, rain or shine, but for what ? For abuse and reuse ? Questions that run through our minds – day in day out. It’s NOT fair. You sacrifice everything for that one person that all they do is nothing more but humiliate you in front of anyone just so they can show the world how hard you have fallen …as if it was something to brag about.

People out there- It hurts to be pushed away! It hurts every time you play with people’s emotions. If someone hurt you , don’t hurt back! Be better, do better, feel better. Learn to speak the truth – not later, but now. The longer you wait, the longer you lie, the longer you play , the more pain you’ll cause…

Just remember that one day things come back to haunt us ,but also to those who did the damage. One day they will see that life without us is harder than it seems. Because in this life, we only live once and we only have one chance to only love once.

Just wait and you will see that it’s all about letting time decide, let fate surprise you with all the different things that are in store for you. Things are bound to happen, bound to test you-inside and out. Leave and accept that no one can make make you feel less than what you are , leave the cold hearted ones , and deliver yourselves from evil …


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