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Monthly Archives: January 2014

The power of Love …

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Women are more powerful then they seem.
Sometimes it only takes one hug to make everything all better .


Depend on yourself

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A lot of us believe that the perfect relationship consists on finding that one person that you can depend on. If only you would realize that the only person that you have to depend on is yourself. The more expectations you have ,the greater the chances are for disappointment. I’ve been going through some quite rocky roads so far and it’s been nothing but an Opportunity to learn from the different faces that evil incorporates. Like they say, evil takes many forms and identities , so stay away from those who hurt you deeply , who cause a never-ending river of tears and fears , and of those who seem like saints and end up to be hidden demons.

So don’t ever look upon others to depend or entitle them your complete trust , because at the end you will end up being disappointed mainly on yourself – for that is the worst kind of disappointment there is .