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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Its who you know -not who you are…

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Job Hunting


To those like me who have applied to different jobs with the desire to achieve a position that requires “experience” in the field -I must warn you. If you do not have enough experience, you will not get the job. I know it’s not fair but most of the time- companies are looking for experienced workers who have sufficient prior knowledge. But how are you supposed to attain knowledge and experience if you aren’t given a chance? You might have all the passion and desire in the world to achieve greatness and value in the workplace of your choosing but it is sadly not enough. Does that mean give up? No way, Jose ! Don’t give up and just try not to set your hopes up and instead keep your options opened! We all start small somehow-trick is to keep on going till we get to the top!!! Network and you will find that the ones that truly care about you, will help you achieve your goals. Help me ,help you. That how it should always be -help and good karma will follow.


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