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Simple Curves :)

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Achieve this look !!!

  1. You can start by applying a light shimmery nail polish (translucent almost)
  2. Start making a black curved line on each nail with a thin “nail paint” such as  Kiss (same direction for a symmetrical look)
  3. Paint two translucent , shimmery white lines (on both sides of the black lines (same direction again)
  4. Paint a silver curved line on an opposite direction for a unique twist !!!
  5. Dont forget the clear coat -and Voila -You’re done !!!

Products used: (optional)

  • Kiss nail polishes with the thin brush for detailing
  • Revlon clear coat



Fancy Nails !!! Created my me :)

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Fancy Nails simply made !!!!

Fancy Nails simply made !!!!

White polish with two straight vertical lines and gold horizontal small lines going from left to right in a simple way 🙂

Deep fall colors are always in :)

Deep fall colors are always in 🙂

Pointy deep, blood, red nails are in !!! A cool twist on a zebra print 🙂


Day and night nail art 🙂

Night : Dark nail polish, I used black and put two thin coats of glitter to create a star effect -make sure to use a glitter nail polish with larger sparkles.

Day: Sky blue nail polish with white nail polish used for clouds. To create fluffy clouds , I used the tip of the white nail polish brush and brushed a center dot and connected one little dot on each end to make it easier ^_^

Fancy Nails !!!

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I will try my best to upload pictures of my nail designs done by me!!! 🙂


I got inspired on Easter to do bright pastels (hot this spring) and let my imagination loose !!!

(I used a variety of pastel colors -from my nail polish collection , and the glitter fine brush nail polish from a Five Below variety set for less than $5)


These I thought took a twist on a classic look. The nude and the perfect blush color complemented one another nicely- especially when tied with a gold shimmer line in the middle. Its modern and yet has a professional feel that would pair well with a man inspired outfit/ blazer.

P.S. I used Sinful Colors (Vacation Time) and Wet n Wild (Sugar Coat) and Kiss Brush -On Nail Art (Pearl Gold)