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“Stop Tugging On My Heart Strings”

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A form of persuasion comes in different forms …


Does a male friend really exist in the female world ?

When you think of what your circle of friends consists of , is your best friend a male ? Not including our favorite gay friends but rather a straight one. Can you trust him ? Do you secretly have a crush on him and put him on the friend-zone just to keep him near? Or do you truly believe that he is a genuine male friend who doesn’t think of having intimacy with you on a deeper level?

According to the book I’m currently reading (can’t mention secret bitch source), there is no such thing as a male best friend.

Could it be that all they want is to secretly get it in, and are waiting for the perfect moment to take the home run?

In my own experience, my small circle of friends do consist more of male than female friends. Why? Well I crave their honesty, the safety vibe I get from them, and the annoying free voice they have. They are the older brothers I never had. The ones you can be yourself with without judgement, without fear , without rejection.

What do you get out of male friends? You get friendship at its simplest form. I’m talking about loving them without being IN Love with them. You get an insight of what it means to share moments with the opposite sex without intimacy. BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD !!! To know that both of you enjoy each others company without any rules or strings attached.

What does this mean? NO jealousy, NO drama, NO bullshit.

For male besties who are reading this: If you do have other intentions she knows about them and just isn’t brave enough to confront you about it cause it would be awkward ! Remember, females have “woman’s intuition” so just come clean, and who knows- it doesn’t hurt to try -just ask!!!

This does not pertain to those who would like their best friend as a boyfriend, or to those who consider them “friends with benefits.” That topic is for another day 😉

Depend on yourself

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A lot of us believe that the perfect relationship consists on finding that one person that you can depend on. If only you would realize that the only person that you have to depend on is yourself. The more expectations you have ,the greater the chances are for disappointment. I’ve been going through some quite rocky roads so far and it’s been nothing but an Opportunity to learn from the different faces that evil incorporates. Like they say, evil takes many forms and identities , so stay away from those who hurt you deeply , who cause a never-ending river of tears and fears , and of those who seem like saints and end up to be hidden demons.

So don’t ever look upon others to depend or entitle them your complete trust , because at the end you will end up being disappointed mainly on yourself – for that is the worst kind of disappointment there is .

Love doesn’t hurt… loving the wrong person does.

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Sometimes love is given away so freely and easily that we fail to guard ourselves from predators. Some never learned how to love,  and some take everything for granted because they know how to lie. In my case, I’m a terrible liar, so I learned that its easier to tell the truth than to lie, so I completely restrain myself from doing so. That’s why I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

Life is complicated enough, that’s why it’s so puzzling to me how people have time to make up stories , lie in order to get what they want, and expect others to give their life and full attention towards them.

Wanna know a trick? Learn how to say “NO.” That single word is powerful enough and might determine how you go about life everyday. Take into consideration that you just can’t possibly have everything in the world. Look at how some celebrities live. They seem to have everything, but do they have freedom, privacy, or peace of mind? That’s why people should come to their senses and realize that all we ever wanted was to feel loved and wanted. Look at your past , visualize your present and ask yourself, “Is this where I want to be? Is this what I want to do? Is this what I enjoy and love doing?) As long as you are doing what you enjoy and would never harm anyone intentionally to reach your dreams and goals, will you find true peace.

People need to stop being GREEDY!!!

Stop using people. Stop hurting them. Stop lying. Stop looking for something that you won’t ever find.

Work hard so you can play harder!!! And realize the ones who are really there for YOU and the ones who are there for THEM.

Always remember that everything happen for a reason 🙂

It’s called “Runway” for a reason !

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English: Lady Gaga and Monster announce Projec...

English: Lady Gaga and Monster announce Project RED Heartbeats and RED Beats Solo at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I strongly believe that Runway shows are ment to inspire “ready to wear” designers and are ment to make an impact on fashionistas and encourage them to buy items that are a similar style to those shown on the Runway.  If anyone besides a celebrity or the brave and outrageous Lady Gaga, would dare to wear anything extravagant shown on a runway, they would be looked at and titled as: WIERD !!!!