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Can’t live with you-and I sure can’t live without you…

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Don’t know why or how it all started ? Don’t know how you fell for him/her?

Despite it all , it’s not fair. What do you do ? You give your life, your time, energy , and most importantly …your heart and soul into someone that you never thought you’d love hate. Why does it have to hurt so deep? Why can’t you just turn off your feelings as easy as 1-2-3 ? To think about them , day and night, rain or shine, but for what ? For abuse and reuse ? Questions that run through our minds – day in day out. It’s NOT fair. You sacrifice everything for that one person that all they do is nothing more but humiliate you in front of anyone just so they can show the world how hard you have fallen …as if it was something to brag about.

People out there- It hurts to be pushed away! It hurts every time you play with people’s emotions. If someone hurt you , don’t hurt back! Be better, do better, feel better. Learn to speak the truth – not later, but now. The longer you wait, the longer you lie, the longer you play , the more pain you’ll cause…

Just remember that one day things come back to haunt us ,but also to those who did the damage. One day they will see that life without us is harder than it seems. Because in this life, we only live once and we only have one chance to only love once.

Just wait and you will see that it’s all about letting time decide, let fate surprise you with all the different things that are in store for you. Things are bound to happen, bound to test you-inside and out. Leave and accept that no one can make make you feel less than what you are , leave the cold hearted ones , and deliver yourselves from evil …



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I would like my water with lots of "bobbles" please!Producing bottled water ends up contaminating and intoxicating our environment – PET plastic bottles might possibly be a health hazard – at the end , you are paying so much $ for bottled water when water is supposed to be FREE – please share and post!!!

Soul Survivor

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Soul Survivor (Young Jeezy song)

Soul Survivor (Young Jeezy song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Survival of the fittest. I was listening to “Soul Survivor,” by Young Jeezy and I couldn’t stop singing. Music, inspires us, inspires me, inspires you. Life is quickly changing and therefore changing us. It’s all about who can do what, who can go where , and who wants to live on forever.

We were not asked to be born, or in what conditions to live in, or what rules to follow… so is everything predestined or just a game of thrones? Every one wants more. Everyone wants better than before.

But why is it all a competition, why can’t we all work together in various unique ways so that everybody contributes in a way? Truth is, there are two groups of people: quitters and soul survivors. Unfortunately time runs quite faster that people realize. Society has developed norms and has drawn a perfect picture of how we should live-yet again not many were born with certain privileges . People then ask themselves , “what  should I do ?.” Don’t ask yourselves what to do, but tell yourselves that whatever you do , you will never give up on yourself .

Love doesn’t hurt… loving the wrong person does.

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Sometimes love is given away so freely and easily that we fail to guard ourselves from predators. Some never learned how to love,  and some take everything for granted because they know how to lie. In my case, I’m a terrible liar, so I learned that its easier to tell the truth than to lie, so I completely restrain myself from doing so. That’s why I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

Life is complicated enough, that’s why it’s so puzzling to me how people have time to make up stories , lie in order to get what they want, and expect others to give their life and full attention towards them.

Wanna know a trick? Learn how to say “NO.” That single word is powerful enough and might determine how you go about life everyday. Take into consideration that you just can’t possibly have everything in the world. Look at how some celebrities live. They seem to have everything, but do they have freedom, privacy, or peace of mind? That’s why people should come to their senses and realize that all we ever wanted was to feel loved and wanted. Look at your past , visualize your present and ask yourself, “Is this where I want to be? Is this what I want to do? Is this what I enjoy and love doing?) As long as you are doing what you enjoy and would never harm anyone intentionally to reach your dreams and goals, will you find true peace.

People need to stop being GREEDY!!!

Stop using people. Stop hurting them. Stop lying. Stop looking for something that you won’t ever find.

Work hard so you can play harder!!! And realize the ones who are really there for YOU and the ones who are there for THEM.

Always remember that everything happen for a reason 🙂