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Beautiful, Inexpensive Finds !!!

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Love my new ring !!!

Love my new ring !!!

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Love doesn’t hurt… loving the wrong person does.

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Sometimes love is given away so freely and easily that we fail to guard ourselves from predators. Some never learned how to love,  and some take everything for granted because they know how to lie. In my case, I’m a terrible liar, so I learned that its easier to tell the truth than to lie, so I completely restrain myself from doing so. That’s why I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

Life is complicated enough, that’s why it’s so puzzling to me how people have time to make up stories , lie in order to get what they want, and expect others to give their life and full attention towards them.

Wanna know a trick? Learn how to say “NO.” That single word is powerful enough and might determine how you go about life everyday. Take into consideration that you just can’t possibly have everything in the world. Look at how some celebrities live. They seem to have everything, but do they have freedom, privacy, or peace of mind? That’s why people should come to their senses and realize that all we ever wanted was to feel loved and wanted. Look at your past , visualize your present and ask yourself, “Is this where I want to be? Is this what I want to do? Is this what I enjoy and love doing?) As long as you are doing what you enjoy and would never harm anyone intentionally to reach your dreams and goals, will you find true peace.

People need to stop being GREEDY!!!

Stop using people. Stop hurting them. Stop lying. Stop looking for something that you won’t ever find.

Work hard so you can play harder!!! And realize the ones who are really there for YOU and the ones who are there for THEM.

Always remember that everything happen for a reason 🙂

“Where are you?”

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red mango frozen yogurt

red mango frozen yogurt (Photo credit: RedMangoFrozenYogurt)

Have you ever been ditched, stood-up, left “hanging”, or forgotten? That’s NOT niceeee !!!!

It’s not cool- especially when a dear friend does it. When someone you really know for a long time leaves you hanging, it kinda hurts…a lot more than being ditched by a stranger. It makes me wanna cry and go in a corner and suffer alone in solitude… NOT REALLY!!!  If you are understanding and have some common sense , you would probably guess that they most likely fell asleep-or at least would make that excuse so that they can be let go that easy.

So go grab a beer, a cig, or any form of stress reliever (every individual varies) and SUCK- IT- UP!!!

In my case …frozen yogurt did the trick!!! Remember that whatever reason it was , you still love them at the end of the day and they probably will feel worse than you…that’s if they have any bit of morals.

I want to give special thanks to my friend for leaving me hanging…

It’s called “Runway” for a reason !

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English: Lady Gaga and Monster announce Projec...

English: Lady Gaga and Monster announce Project RED Heartbeats and RED Beats Solo at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I strongly believe that Runway shows are ment to inspire “ready to wear” designers and are ment to make an impact on fashionistas and encourage them to buy items that are a similar style to those shown on the Runway.  If anyone besides a celebrity or the brave and outrageous Lady Gaga, would dare to wear anything extravagant shown on a runway, they would be looked at and titled as: WIERD !!!!